Airchamber 3

Electroacoustic trio, formed by

Andrea “Ics” Ferraris_guitar, bass, laptop, effects, drums

Luca Serrapiglio_alto, tenor & baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, wind controller and synths, theremin, MaTiLda, effects, drums

Andrea Serrapiglio_cello, laptop, casio sk-1, iPad, drums, vocals

We work on experimental music, sound research, visual soundtracks, improvisation.

In 2007 for Amirani records we published our first album “Crumble”.

In 2008 we recorded a track with other friends, composed by Nicola Guazzaloca, for Amirani records album “On war”

We composed and played the music live of the dance spectacle “Verso la luce”, with the coreographer Leonardo Diana.

We performed concerts in many different situations, from clubs to museums.

In 2013 Fratto 9 Under the sky published our second album, “Peripheral”.