“Tracks are excerpts of various improvised sessions, there’s no overdub and most of  material has not been processed, re-arranged or layered.. It has been all simply edited and mixed according to what we consider its/our…natural/best…shape/solution/idea”. Alessandria, Italy based trio, Airchamber3 is working hard on improvisations, experimental sounds performances, trying to keep focused their ideas and creating ever new,intense, subtle narrations. After many live performances their style has become piercing and dramatic. Expanding the electro-acoustic concept to the complexity and diversity, their way to proceed in creating sounds makes great their music. Vertical and oblique, deep and superficial find here the possibility to be heard and experienced. Airchamber3 is proudly produced by amirani records.  
  1. _in a foreign land
  2. _the jaw…
  3. _standing by the shell see mit giacinto
  4. _”silence makes a dangerous sound”
  5. _an unsafe ground to walk upon
  6. _the heart is flat and at the edges you fall all of a sudden*
  7. _standing by the shell see mit giacinto - reprise

Credits Andrea Serrapiglio _ voice, laptop, electric cello, contact mic, loopabow, miniature mouth armonica Andrea “Ics” Ferraris _ guitars, pedals, jack, kaoss pad, phototheremin, screwdriver Luca Serrapiglio _ saxophones, wind controller, laptop, contact mic

Alessandro Buzzi  (on * only) _ hands, sticks, brush,object played on a prepared marble table

Music _ Airchamber3 except * by Airchamber3+1 Recording _ Casa del Nocino, Valmadonna, Alessandria, Italy Engineering & mixing _ Airchamber3 Mastering _ Valerio Zucca Paul a.k.a.Abstract Q. Artwork & Layout _ 108, Baeldesign Production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani records